JRPH/JRPL Series Pressure Regulator

Brand: LowFlow Valve

The 1/4″ JRPH/JRPL Series are piston operated, balanced trim pressure regulators with high pressure capability and PEEK or KEL-F soft seat for ANSI Class VI shutoff. 

There are four set ranges for this model. Elastomer seals are used throughout with Buna-N, EPDM, and Viton being standard options.

These valves are designed to regulate a variety of general, corrosive and specialty gases, water, acids and oils.
  • All wetted materials are 316L Stainless Steel. Other materials available on application.
  • Soft PEEK or Kel-F seat provides ANSI Class VI shutoff.
  • Piston sensing for better regulation at higher pressures.
  • Set points as high as 9,135 psi (630 bar).

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