H2S in Water Analyzer

Brand: Analytical Systems Keco

H2S in Water Analyzer offers ability to analytically quantify H2S in Water online is enhanced with the Sample Transfer Stripper™ (exclusive ASI Membrane Technologies) and the advanced electrochemical H2S sensor or rateometric-colorimetric H2S detector technologies offered by Analytical Systems Keco.

Economic payout is increased because of this automated and continuous process monitor.

The most effective process for measuring H2S in water involves representatively stripping the H2S vapor from the water for precise measurement in the gas phase. Direct optical measurement of H2S in the water is plagued by high routine maintenance and recalibration procedures. 

Analytical Systems utilizes the state-of-the-art Sample Transfer Stripper (STS) with exclusive ASI Membrane Technologies to efficiently and reliably separate the H2S from the water sample for measurement by the advanced electrochemical sensor or rateometric-colorimetric H2S detector.

The STS is a very simple device that provides an ultra-clean and dry sample to the detector for analysis. This results in radically reduced maintenance requirements when compared to direct optical measurement techniques.

Analytical Systems is established as the world-wide leader in H2S in water analysis due to the many benefits of this exclusive technology.

The principle of operation requires a continuous free flowing water sample into the heated compartment where the STS  unit separates the H2S from the water sample. 

An H2S free air or nitrogen carrier then sweeps the H2S gas sample to the H2S detector for quantitative analysis in PPBw, PPMw, and up to saturation levels.
  • No consumables required for detector
  • Completely solid state detector, no moving parts
  • Accurate and continuous analysis
  • Quantitative measurement in ppm & percent Levels
  • Proven reliability
  • Fast response time
  • Remote & Web based monitoring/control of analyzer



  • Alpha Numeric LCD
  • Up to four concentration display digits
  • Back-lit / color display
  • Non-intrusive operation (remains explosion proof)

Ambient Temperature Ranges

  • 1°C to 55°C (operating) without ext. cooling/heating
  • 0°C to 70°C (storage)


  • Isolated 4-20mA

Analytical Performance

  • Resolution: 24 months
  • Drift: <±0.5 to ±0.1 ppm/year (conc. dependent)

Detection Ranges

  • 0-1 ppm by wt.
  • 0-10 ppm by wt.
  • 0-50 ppm by wt.
  • 0-100 ppm by wt.
  • 0-500 ppm by wt.
  • Customer specified (contact factory)

Sampling Systems

  • Secondary filter or optional AutoClean primary filter
  • Carrier Air/Gas Flow Meter
  • Sample Flow Meter
  • Sample Needle Valve
  • Sample Pressure Regulator (400 or 1,500 psig max)


  • ~280 lbs


  • 3 ft X 4 ft X 1 ft

Utilities / Settings

  • 110 VAC or 220 VAC
  • 100 Watts normal, 700 Watts max
  • Carrier Air/Gas: 180 ml/min (15 psig max)
  • Sample flow: ~200 ml/min
  • Sample pressure: 30 psig (400 or 1,000 psi max)

Area Classifications Options

  • Class 1 Division 1
  • Class 1 Division 2
  • Zone 1 or Zone 2

Available Options

  • Concentration relay alarms
  • Diagnostic/fault alarms
  • Low flow relay alarms
  • RS-485 Modbus
  • Remote monitoring/control with PC
  • AutoClean Sample Filter


  • Sample Transfer Stripper™ (ASI Membrane Technology)
  • Smart Electrochemical Cell
  • Rateometric-Colorimetric Tape (Model 205)
  • Other detection options available upon request

  • Waste Water Treatment Facilities
  • Industrial Discharger
  • Municipalities Chlorine Efficiency
  • H2S in Cooling Water
  • Well Water, Pond Water, Holding Water, Ditch Water
  • Refining / Processing Industrial Water
  • Seawater Fractioning Towers

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