5800HP Series Back Pressure Regulator

Brand: LowFlow Valve

The Mark 5800HP is a high pressure, back pressure regulator designed to maintain upstream pressure of gases and liquids.

As a compact, lightweight product, it is well suited for applications where space and weight are at a premium.

With a robust, piston design, the Mark 5800HP can handle setpoints up to 2500 psig (172 bar) at 450°F (232°C) with ease and large flow capacity for a valve of this style is among the highest in the industry.

The T-bar adjusting handle allows for a lighter spring and more sensitive regulator than those models with a fixed knob.

This added sensitivity contributes greatly to the accuracy of the valve. The valve is normally closed, with the soft seat maintaining ANSI Class VI shutoff.

When the inlet rises above the spring setpoint, the pressure forces the piston upwards to open and relieve the pressure. As the inlet pressure falls to the spring setpoint level, the valve then throttles closed to ensure the pressure doesn’t drop below the spring setpoint.
  • Completely barstock construction - ensures body/trim material quality and facilitates usage of alloy materials.
  • High flow - Cv 1.0 (Kv 0,9) in a compact design.
  • Full pressure rating across entire temperature range - maximum setpoints available at maximum pressures.
  • T-bar handle – permits usage of lighter, more sensitive spring.
  • Proof-tested to 12,000 psi (827 bar) - nearly five times pressure rating, ensures safety when working with high pressures.
  • A variety of seal materials ensure compatibility with medium setpoint.

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