Model TMPRT Surface Mount RTD Sensor

Brand: Red Lion Controls

Model TMPRT “stick-on” Style RTD Temperature Sensor mounts on flat surfaces and provides Class B accuracy. 

Based on a bare 2 x 2 x 0.08 mm thin film platinum RTD, the unit is supplied with PFA insulated wire and can be easily applied using its self-adhesive backing. 

Applications for this versatile RTD sensor include monitoring chip, heat sink, and environmental temperatures in electronic devices; checking pipe or duct temperatures; monitoring motor and transformer core heat; testing insulation capabilities, as well as use in other applications in which surface and/or gradient temperatures need to be monitored or controlled.
  • 100 Ohms DIN class B (±0.12% at 0° C) accuracy standard
  • Easy installation silicone based, self backing rated to 260° C (500° F)
  • Sensor can be reapplied
  • Stripped 3-Wire leads (connectors sold separately)
  • 10 feet lead length
  • Ideal for flat or curved surfaces



  • ± 0.12% at 0° C (32° F), DIN Class B

Cable Length

  • 10 feet (3 meters)

Electrical Connectors

  • 26 AWG Stranded Nickel-Plated Copper, PFA-Insulated & Jacket Cable

Materials of Construction

  • Insulation Typical: PFA

Response Time

  • < 0.9 second (63% Response Time in Water Flowing at 3 feet Per second)
  • < 2 seconds on a Hot Plate

RTD Type

  • Typical 385 DIN Pt100 Thin Film

Temperature Range

  • -73° to 260° C (-100° to 500° F)


  • Stripped Bare Wire Ends

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