JBDL Series Back Pressure Valve

Brand: LowFlow Valve

The JBDL Series is a diaphragm operated, balanced trim, back pressure regulator.

The 1.95 Cv offers increased flow across its 1200 psi inlet range, while the Kel-F soft seat provides ANSI Class VI shutoff.

Four set spring ranges and three soft seal options offer the customer flexibility in a number of applications and environments.

These valves are designed to regulate a variety of gases and liquids from pump and compressor control to process pressure control where high flows and low pressures are required.
  • In-line removable plug and trim provides for quick cleaning and maintenance.
  • Barstock construction guarantees material integrity and surface finish.
  • Balanced trim offers high flows with minimal lockup.
  • Optimized internal volume.
  • Proprietary Jorlon diaphragm provides exceptionally long life.
  • Kel-F soft seat for ANSI Class VI shutoff.

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