SmartRail I/O CsCAN Base

Brand: Horner

SmartRail I/O is a real-time, modular I/O system – expanding the application of the OCS family of all-in-one controllers. 

The SmartRail I/O CsCAN Base (CNX100) utilizes CsCAN communications for the I/O connection with the OCS. 

The highly efficient, and highly reliable nature of CsCAN allows a significant amount of I/O to be added while maintaining fast I/O updates.
  • Highly expandable and scalable with several communication base options, SmartRail modular I/O allows for granular digital and Analog I/O configurations to suit any specification without wasted space or hardware cost.
  • Multiple SmartRail I/O Bases can be used - limited only by the performance requirements of the application. 
  • SmartRail Ethernet I/O is compatible with any OCS controller with built-in Ethernet.



Approvals & Certifications

  • CE
  • UL


  • 5-Pin Removable Terminal Block


  • 5 to 95% - Non-Condensing

Operating Temperature

  • -5° to 50° C (23° to 122° F)

Output Power

  • 1,500 mA at 5 Vdc


  • Primary Power Range: 11-28 Vdc

Power Requirement

  • Steady State: 400 mA at 24 Vdc, Maximum

Power Supply

  • Power Supplied for I/O Modules: 1,500 mA at 5 Vdc, Maximum

Storage Temperature

  • -40° to 75° C (-40° to 167° F)

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