708DP Series Double Packing Control Valve

Brand: LowFlow Valve

Mark 708DP Series The Mark 708 with double packing is an alternative to a bellows stem seal and is used when standard packing will not adequately contain the controlled media.

The optional bonnet features a double packing arrangement separated by a lantern ring.

With a double packed bonnet, lubricant is pumped into the packing sets, supplying a tight seal similar to that provided by a bellows stem seal.

The double packed bonnet is an excellent choice when service conditions could cause damage to a bellows assembly.
  • Ideal for applications where service conditions can damage a bellows assembly.
  • Features standard bonnet port for use in lubricating the packing for added protection against leakage or for use as a detection port for monitoring potential fugitive emissions.
  • For use in R & D, pilot plants and low flow process applications.

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