Model LSCB Length Sensor Conversion Bracket with 6-Pin MS Connector

Brand: Red Lion Controls

This conversion bracket allows the customer to assemble a custom length sensor by purchasing the following items separately.
  • Length Sensor Conversion Bracket (P/N LSCB1000).
  • An encoder with appropriate connector, PPR and output type.
  • One or two measuring wheels. Install OF & OK measuring wheels with set screw hub facing encoder shaft (as shown). Apply thread locking material to wheel set screw threads during installation to the encoder shaft.
  • Hinge Clamp Assembly (P/N LSAHC001).


Cable Length

  • 10 to 50 feet (3 to 15 meters)

Electrical Connectors

  • 10 feet Long, 4-Wire Shielded Cable with 6-Pin MS Connector

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