708ME Series with Motor Valve

Brand: LowFlow Valve

The Mark 708ME offers many advantages including extreme accuracy, high turndown ratios and repeatability.

The features of this high resolution, low hysteresis digitally controlled motor makes the MK708ME a premier control valve for applications involving chemical injection, dosing, pilot plants and research labs.

In addition, it is a prime valve for skid builders.
  • Spring-Loaded TFE / Chevron Packing - the spring-loaded packing maintains a proper compression, while minimizing excessive friction. This alleviates the need for most field adjusting. The TFE packing is suitable for temperatures to 450°F (232°C), while braided or Graphite/Grafoil may be used for higher temperature requirements.
  • Bolted Body / Bonnet Connection - the bolting provides solid construction and secure connection. This bolting adds ease to maintenance, as bonnet/actuator assembly may be removed with the valve body in-line.
  • Guided Trim - extended orifice and plug guiding are standard and offers improved shutoff and accuracy equivalent to heavy duty trim option of competitors (not applicable to Cv’s below 0.05).
  • Manual operation by stowable hand crank.
  • Output shaft with soft seating mechanism.
  • Optional 4-20mA position feedback (requires customer supplied external 12-36 power supply and a load connected in series with one lead from power supply).

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