JRPHH Series Hydraulic High Pressure-Pressure Reducing Regulator

Brand: LowFlow Valve

The hydraulic, high pressure JRPHH Series pressure reducing regulators are piston sensed and designed for inlet and outlet pressures up to 10,000 psig (689 bar).

JRPHH Series regulators feature a wide range of inlet and outlet configurations, Cv: 0.06 or 0.2, adjustable captured venting and compatibility with a broad range of media.
  • Piston sensed.
  • Main valve cartridge.
  • Adjustable captured vent.
  • Black anodized aluminum knob.
  • Machined bar stock body, bonnet and piston eliminates porosity found in castings.
  • NACE MR0175 compatible materials are available.
  • Dome loaded and air actuated options available.
  • 15,000 psig (1034 bar) models available.

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