Remote Compact Controller (RCC)

Brand: Horner

The Remote Compact Controller (RCC) is a compact controller ideal for applications where a screen-less controller is the best fit.  

RCX is a controller without an integrated display device and is constructed with a plastic chassis, and supports Plastic SmartStack I/O for local I/O (up to 4 modules).



Required Power (Steady State)

  • 120mA at 24 VDC

Required Power (Inrush)

  • 25A for 1 ms at 24VDC switched

Primary Power Range

  • 10-32VDC

Real-Time Clock

  • Yes

Clock Accuracy

  • +/- 8 seconds/month at 25 ̊C

Relative Humidity

  • 5-95% non-condensing

Operating Temperature

  • -10 ̊C to +60 ̊C

Storage Temperature

  • -10 ̊C to +60 ̊C


  • Up to 2000m


  • Li-Ion Polymer Battery Charging Range 0-50 ̊C


  • 10 oz / 283.5 g


  • 35 mm DIN Rail or Panel Surface

Housing Type

  • Plastic (UL 50 rated, flame retardant, UV resistant)

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