Model ARCJ NEMA C Face Mounted Motor Adapter Kit

Brand: Red Lion Controls

ARCJ Ring Adapters can be quickly and easily installed on foot-mounted motors with NEMA type “C” face mount end bells, or between motor and gear case flange. 

The ARCJ ring, with integral junction box, is cast aluminum with precision machined mounting surfaces. 

Kits are supplied complete with a 60-tooth sensing gear, factory installed magnetic pickup or HESS sensor, and mounting hardware. 

The maximum recommended gear speed for all kits is 5,000 RPM. 

Two ARCJ ring sizes and five gear bores cover the range of motor frame sizes.


Cable Length

  • 10 feet (3 meters)

Conduit Connection

  • 1/2" NPT Female


  • Shaft (Gear Bore): 5/8 to 1-5/8" (15.875 to 41.275 mm)


  • Maximum

Electrical Connectors

  • 3-Wire, 22 AWG with Stranded Drain Wire & 100% Foil Coverage, Grey PVC Jacket

Electrical Protection

  • Reverse Polarity

Environmental Protection

  • NEMA C


  • 0 to 10 kHz


  • NEMA Typical "C" Face Mount

Operating Temperature

  • -25° to 70° C (-13° to 158° F)


  • 1 V, Maximum

Output Format

  • NPN O.C. Transistor Output

Power Supply

  • Hess Sensor: 8-30 Vdc at 30 mA - Maximum

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