7031 Label Sheet

Brand: PR Electronics

  • For displays in the 5700 series
  • 25 different units
  • High quality Autotex polyester (PET) film.
  • Resistant to: Alcohols, dilute acids, dilute alkalis, esters, hydrocarbons, ketones and household cleaning agent.
  • Each unit label measures 7 x 12 mm.
  • Units: %, °C, °F, A, bar, l, l/h, l/min, l/s, kg/h, kg/m3, m, m/min, m/s, m3, m3/h, mA, mbar, ml, rpm, s, t, t/h, V, Hz.
  • Color: Black with white text.



  • Adhesive Label with Engineering Units for Displays in the 5700 Series


  • 0.28" x 0.47" (7 x 12 mm) - Unit Label Size

Enclosure, Body Material

  • High Quality Autotex Polyester (PET) Film

  • Adhesive label with engineering units for displays in the 5700 series.

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