About Us

Automation & Control Specialists
Process Solutions Corp. offers dependable instrumentation that has been advancing technology industries and processes since 1999. Located in Stafford, Texas, we are a manufacturer’s representative and distributor of instrumentation and automation components; our adept team of engineers also provide full package solutions that allow our users to increase efficiency, accuracy, and profitability through automation and precise process control.

Over 100 years of collective team experience
With the best and latest technologies available, our experienced engineers will develop unique solutions to help your team achieve new goals and milestones, using superior instrumentation and custom programming. From refurbishing and servicing parts, to collaborating in designing new technologies, our team will provide the experience and innovation required to maximize the success of your project.

Our Mission
To provide reliable instrumentation and develop unique automation and control solutions that increase productivity and profitability, while reducing inefficiency and redundancy, to create an overall positive value and experience for users throughout multiple industries.

Fulfillment Policy
For more information about our fulfillment policy, please visit our website: https://psctexas.com/fulfillment-policy/

Privacy Policy
To review our full privacy policy, please visit our website: https://psctexas.com/privacy-policy/

Customer Service and Support
From technical and sales advising, to quick order processing, custom engineering and programming, or equipment servicing and calibration, we provide access to the educational tools and quality instrumentation that is needed for users to make informed and confident decisions.

ISO 9001:2015
UL Listed
ISNetworld Member

Services and Training
Instrumentation training and troubleshooting, single product support or fully integrated automation solutions, technical advising and product selection assistance, commissioning and implementation guidance, electrical engineer collaborations, custom program and controls designs, and more.

Custom Assembly
Our fully equipped production facility has been used to create many custom designs and is UL 508A listed. We have full prepackage solutions that can be quickly modified to fit the needs of your project or we can create fully customized solutions through programming and design.